Chef Rebekah Camara

Toronto pastry chef Rebekah Camara has a limitless passion for good food, good health and all things sweet. She is a graduate with honors of prestigious George Brown College, served a rigorous internship at one of the top restaurants in Toronto, trained abroad in France, and has her desserts prominently featured in Grazie Ristorante's latest cookbook.

About Us

We serve the freshest premium coffees and teas alongside the most delicious made-from-scratch pastries and a hearty variety of lunch options, too! Whether savory, sweet or spicy, whatever your choice may be for breakfast, lunch or dessert, it's all here, made fresh daily. Where healthier, natural eating is second nature.

Organic Pastries Toronto

Vegan Pastries by Chef Rebekah Camara

Why Organic?

Health! Eating healthy is a seemingly simple everyday choice that so many of us neglect. Using ingredients free of chemicals, GMOs and hormones is a great body¬-smart priority, regardless of diet. Organically grown foods add more nutritional value than nonorganic foods. And with no pesticides or other harmful additives used in their cultivation, organically grown foods not only promote your own personal well-being, but the planet’s as well. And health is not the only factor guiding our exacting food values. Organic just tastes better! Because the products grow in nutritionally well¬-balanced soils, they grow stronger and healthier, producing better tasting fruits, vegetables and grains and in turn providing us with the resources to make the absolute best¬-tasting pastries, cakes, coffee, tea and sandwiches you’ll find anywhere in Toronto.