Our Coffee

We receive our coffee from a renowned Toronto supplier. The organic beans are delivered within 24 hours of roasting for the absolute freshest taste and highest quality, poured straight into the cups of our customers. All of our coffee is fair traded. Our supplier also uses renewable energy in their manufacturing, in keeping with the stringent environmental standards we adhere to.

Our Teas

Our selection of organic teas, brought in from all over the globe via a Toronto distributor, will delight the tea aficionado’s palate: aromatic, flavorful and steeped to perfection. An elegant variety of unique teas are available by the cup with meals or desserts in our café (or sold in tins if you find that irresistible tea selection you want to take home).

Gluten-Free & Vegan Products

Many may assume that for food to be gluten-free, taste has to be sacrificed. Here at Second Nature, we will dismiss those misconceptions of gluten-free=bland and offer you delicious baked-fresh products that will forever change your thinking as to what gluten-free really is. From tarts and cookies, to bread and cakes, we will delight your taste buds with our fresh take on gluten-free and vegan desserts. Vegan options are readily available for special orders. Coconut or almond milk is always on-site for your vegan needs